Revealing my bias

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My husband asked me today if I would be so committed to my involvement in this process if one of the potential roads didn’t go right over my house. “Probably not,” I replied. And I’m not a city / transportation planning professional or elected official. I’m simply a citizen who wants a voice in the transportation planning process.

So part of my intention in getting community involvement going in the transportation planning process is to save my house and the homes of my neighbors. In addition, I would love to see the rural way of life in western Weber County preserved. I want to see historical buildings saved. I want more walkable communities. I want to hold developers accountable to planning for the good of the community rather than just looking for open space to fill with houses and commercial buildings. I want to prevent WalMart from coming into my community. Ultimately, I want the environment in our community to contribute to my family’s quality of life.

With all the things that I want, I’m continuing to learn the ecology of all of those desires. Some of my desires may exclude others. I guess I’ll discover that as time goes on. However, above all, I want to be informed and involved. I believe that the commitment to respectful dialogue will lead us to a solution that will meet needs that seem to be diametrically opposed to each other.