Blog redesign; come look!

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I’ve redesigned the blog. Come look!

One other small change: I tried to make my kids more anonymous by replacing their names with pseudonyms. I’ve debated back and forth for a while, and finally decided that because my name is known and some of my other internet sites link to this one, I ought to take that one little precaution. The one thing I don’t want to have happen is that some stranger can walk up to my daughter(s) and say, “Hi [firstname]. I’m a friend of your Mom’s!” and engender some sort of trust. I’m sure it won’t stop the very determined from finding out my kids’ names, but at least they’re a little more cloaked. It seems that the blogs where the parents’ last names are not known may more safely use real names for their children. In an era of mommy-blogging and airing our dirty laundry online, it’s really hard to say what we’ll regret later, eh?

So… introducing LittleMum (because she acts like her little sisters’ second mom, and also because she’s a lot like me), NatureForce (I call her my little force of nature – she’s my social daredevil), and MsDetermined (still getting to know the baby, but she definitely knows where she wants to go and exerts all effort to get there)!

I can’t promise I’m going to be a more active blogger from now on, but I think part of my hesitancy before was because I hadn’t yet decided about the privacy issue. I have, for now, and I think I’ll be posting more frequently.