Book of Mormon Day 27

Day 27: Msh3-4 In chapter 4, it describes a clear “born again” experience for the people (v2-3). King Benjamin then reminds them of the steps that are required, in awareness: 1. Your nothingness 2. Your worthlessness and fallen state; in belief/knowledge: 1. Goodness of God 2. His matchless power 3. His wisdom 4. His patience 5. His long suffering 6. The atonement (salvation possible); in action: 1. Trust in the Lord 2. Be diligent in keeping his commandments 3. Continue in the faith. “This is the man who receiveth salvation.” (v5-8) Then, we must REMEMBER all this (v11) and “If you believe all these things see that ye do them.” (v10)


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