Book of Mormon Day 2

Day 2: BoM 1Ne4-7 “When my father saw all these things [genealogy and words of prophets on brass plates], he was filled with the Spirit” Genealogy and family history –> filled with the Spirit! It’s great to see the joy Lehi felt when he discovered his family history. It’s interesting that the knowledge he was descended from Joseph had been lost over the generations. It also led to him prophesying about his posterity, and we see the hearts of the children turned to the fathers and that connecting link. One of the reasons it was critical for them to get the brass plates.

Book of Mormon Day 1

Day 1: Book of Mormon 1Ne1-3. Ch1v1: “having seen many afflictions… NEVERTHELESS… Having been highly favored of the Lord… Having had a great knowledge of the goodness and mysteries of God.” When I am having a bad day, do I remember my “nevertheless”?

Challenge: Read the Book of Mormon in 90 days

In church, we had a great lesson on The Book of Mormon and the teacher gave us a challenge to read it in 90 days. I thought it might be easier to stay motivated if I sent out a daily text with something I learned, so I sent this out to a few friends. Here is the schedule she gave us:

Book of Mormon 90 days reading schedule

Book of Mormon in 90 days reading schedule

Hi friends, I’m doing a scripture reading challenge and know I will need accountability to stick with it. I hope it’s okay that I will send you a text about what I learned in my reading that day. I’ll do it a day after just in case I read in the middle of the night. 🙂